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Okay, But What About the CORONA Virus and the Pandemic - How Did That Affect Amz?!

Won't that affect things, will Amz still work... In Short the Answer is a RESOUNDING YES! Amz actually BENEFITED IMMENSELY From the Pandemic! Which means sellers like us are benefiting immensely as well!

Jeff Bezo's Added Close to $50,000,000,000 to his Net Worth During the Pandemic...

Amz Hired an Additional 500,000 People to Try to Keep Up With Demand...
Experts Agree, this surge in demand for Amz will stick around LONG after CORONA is Gone
It's hard to believe how much this benefits YOU as an Amz Seller (Or Future Amz Seller!)
More People that have never bought ANYTHING ONLINE are turning to Amz...
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